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Join the advantage

Join is a popular mode of operation on the market, and now we can go to the city, can see the "McDonald's", "Kentucky Fried Chicken" and other fast food restaurants and a variety of signs the same cake shop, convenience stores, etc., these shops Whether it is from the name of the store to the store design, goods, services and even business dress are exactly the same, the appearance of these stores seem to belong to a large enterprise group, but in fact belong to different small owners. Above are said to be a typical franchise, the benefits of joining a lot, so it led to the emergence of this type of shop, then the advantages of joining what specific?

First, reduce the risk of entrepreneurship, increase the chances of success.

In today's increasingly competitive environment, the market for a small capital of the independent entrepreneurs is increasingly scarce. The fact that tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises are closed each year tell people that a limited and inexperienced investor is very difficult to create a business in a highly saturated market environment, and investors choose a good performance, Strong, high credibility of the franchise business, joined its chain network, the success of the opportunity will be greatly improved. China has a saying: tree good shade. Small investors to join the franchise network, the entire chain of headquarters to do the backing, but also from the headquarters where access to professional and technical assistance, which for the lack of experience of entrepreneurs, is indeed a shortcut to success.

Second, you can get the system management training and business help.

Whether the enterprise has a mature and proven management approach is undoubtedly the basis for the success of the cause. After a survey of bankrupt enterprises, 90% of bankrupt enterprises are due to poor management. If a new business to explore a viable management approach alone, often takes a long time, perhaps in this management method before the maturity, the enterprise because of the detours and can not be sustained. But if investors choose to join, he does not have to start from scratch, even though he has no professional knowledge and management experience, he can immediately get the headquarters of the management skills, business know-how and business knowledge training.

Third, you can focus on the purchase, reduce costs and ensure supply.

The biggest advantage of the chain is mainly reflected in the purchase and distribution, as the headquarters of the small number of scattered small retailers organized into one, from the overall increase in size, which makes the purchase cost and inventory costs to reduce the possible, so as to obtain Competitive Advantage.

Fourth, you can use well-known trademarks and services.

First of all, consumers of the community, whether shopping or food and entertainment consumption, no longer like the previous price level is only interested in, although the price is still a powerful weapon for business competition, but a good image and high quality services has become a consumer Concerned about the first choice. So for the beginning of the business community entrepreneurs, the most troublesome problem is I do not know how to improve their reputation, to attract consumers. And the vast majority of cases, joined the headquarters has established a good public image and high-quality goods and services, so the franchisee can "by others ladder, board their own development of the building," the use of this advantage quickly solid market position.

Source Hongxiang, invites you to join, share the furniture market wealth!

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