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PC sun plate and PC nail plate production methods and processes

UpdateTime  2017-10-30 09:57:21 YUAN HONG XIANG PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY (FOSHAN) CO. LTD Read

PC sun panels and PC Nai Liban is how to produce it? When we set all the production parameters, you can go to the operation, but this time, it is recommended to check whether the equipment is normal, such as all the temperature is to achieve the desired set value, in the process of preparation and preparation is forgotten whats the matter.

PC sun panels, PC Nai Liban


The production process is: start - melt pump - extruder - gravity mixing - metering feeding device.

In the process of checking these more than a few minutes, more than boot problems in the shutdown to be strong. In addition, it is necessary to check the position of the stereotypes with the control panel of the PC sunboard mold, and whether the position of the retainer is slightly lower than the position of the strut.

After the completion of the final test can be produced, the first discharge of material, replace the filter. This operation is mainly to sort out the excess polycarbonate surplus accumulated in the previous production. These polycarbonate pastes for PC sun panels and PC linens have been fully softened during the heating phase.

In the discharge of the time, you need to use the cover cover the mold, at this time to start the melt pump, so that the speed of 5-10r / min, to keep the extruder row finished until the material. It is absolutely prohibited to start the extruder before starting the melt pump. You need to start the melt pump a few minutes before you can start the extruder, so that the speed is equal to half the speed of the melt pump. After a few minutes, the extrusion screw can be fed. The gravity system is connected to the production line.

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