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Installation method of PC sunshine board for underground parking lot entry and exit

UpdateTime  2017-10-30 09:55:47 YUAN HONG XIANG PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY (FOSHAN) CO. LTD Read

Today, PC sun panels are widely used in the application of life, but in different areas of the PC sun panels for its requirements are not the same, so to remind you to design before the purchase, the following let Odeli plastic simple to understand what Installation method of PC sunshine board for underground parking lot.

Underground parking lot entrance PC sun panels


It is reported that the width and thickness of the sun panels can be customized, so according to the scene you need to choose the appropriate sun panels, such as underground garage entrance design should be curved and parallel, such as the use of materials is stainless steel, Zinc steel. In the design of the shape of the time to pay attention to lower the width of the garage, if the width is too high then designed into a parallel carport.

Followed by the design of curved and parallel to the shape, which need to consider the installation of the difficulty coefficient, as well as the bearing capacity of the plate. Although curved curved shape has a good bearing capacity, but because of the larger design curvature, it is not conducive to the installation. If it is parallel, its advantage is easy to install. In the case of the same thickness of the plate, it is lower than the curved arc bearing capacity, so the choice of flat shape of the plate to increase the thickness of the plate Caixing.

Underground parking lot entrance PC sun panels


If the underground import and export design, then also need to consider the water resistance or drainage. Then we go to a simple look at the installation of PC sun panels:

1, PC sun panels should be installed before the steel structure to check the vertical support of the vertical, elevation, beam height level is consistent with the design requirements, in particular, need to pay attention to the installation of hole review.

2, before the installation must be used to clean the surface of the steel brush surface and the bottom of the groove, the bottom of the glass U-shaped steel trough should be added rubber pad, the glass from the edge of the edge of 1/4.

3, before installation, should clean the PC sun panels, according to the sun plate weight and specifications to determine the number of construction.

4, before installation should check whether the installation location is accurate.

5, the scene to install PC sunshine board, it should be fixed before the pressure bar and the sun plate in the platform assembly, and then and the skeleton to install. In order to ensure airtightness and watertightness at the press, the glass gel must be used for sealing.

6, after the installation site, you should adjust the location of the upper and lower left and right, to ensure that the sun plate level deviation within the allowable range.

7, when the PC sun panels all the adjustment, it should be the overall inside of the flatness check.

The above is the underground car park entrance, how to install PC sun board installation method, hoping to help everyone.

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