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Endurance plate manufacturers: PC Nai Liban installation method

UpdateTime  2017-10-30 09:54:14 YUAN HONG XIANG PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY (FOSHAN) CO. LTD Read


PC Nailboard installation method

We should pay attention to the installation of PC Nai Liban board, the location of the screw hole and PC edge of the edge of the board can not be too close, if too close, it is likely that the phenomenon of damage to the endurance plate. In ensuring that the endurance plate is intact, it is necessary to grasp the distance between the screw hole and the edge of the plate. In addition, the idea of the degree of tension of the screw, so as not to loose loose sheet or too close to the plate deformation.

1, need to detect the shelf is flat, can not have welding scar and burr. Skeleton to be completely dry, no volatile solvents.

2, the butyl water tape laying on both sides of the skeleton, constitute a small sink.

3, the durability board on the skeleton, between the board and the plate to be reserved for elastic joints.

4, the EPDM pressure on the board and board between the interface.

5, use self-drilling screws to fix.

6, PC stamina plate width of the middle of 1.05M under certain skeleton must be fixed with a self-drilling screw sets of buttons.

7, by the wall of the endurance board and the wall can not be in direct contact with the need to use aluminum fixed in the wall, with the endurance plate into the installation.

8, PC stamina plate at the mouth of the first to use aluminum bait tape to seal the title, in the edge of the edge or angle aluminum fixed.


First look at the plate cutting scale and expansion of the reserved location enough, need to pay special attention to stay out to meet the uniform expansion of the gap, the formula is as follows:

Total expansion void = coefficient of expansion * Maximum temperature before and after local device * Plate length The center of the hole to the plate margin should be greater than or equal to 5CM.

PC Nai Liban in the transport must be careful when the care and keep the car clean, sun panels must be indoors, to prevent prolonged storage in the sun straight and rain, snow on the ground.

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