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PC Nai Liban four major advantages and characteristics

UpdateTime  2017-10-30 09:53:01 YUAN HONG XIANG PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY (FOSHAN) CO. LTD Read

PC Nai Liban is a very common material we are now, although very common, but how many people know its advantages and characteristics? The following by the Foshan Audley plastic for everyone to share it!

One, impact resistance and flame resistance

The impact strength of the endurance plate is 80 times that of the glass, the solid plate is 200 times that of the glass, and the durability plate can prevent the crushing problem during the transportation, installation and use. In addition, the most prominent feature of the PC Nai Liban is that Commonly used glass break, to avoid harm to people.

PC stagnant plate of the self-ignition temperature is 630 ℃, after the National Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision and Testing Center test, plate burnability to GB (8624-1997 flame B1 level), are flame retardant engineering materials.

Second, chemical corrosion resistance

PC Nai Liban has good chemical corrosion resistance, at room temperature can withstand a variety of organic acids, inorganic acids, weak acid, vegetable oil, neutral salt solution and other alcohol erosion.

Third, the temperature difference between good performance

PC endurance board temperature difference performance, and can adapt to from cold to high temperature of the various adverse weather changes in the -40 ℃ to +120 ℃ range to maintain a variety of physical performance indicators stable.

Photochemical properties: PC endurance plate in the visible and near infrared spectrum has the highest transmittance. Different colors, light transmission rate of up to 12% -88%.

Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging: PC Nai Liban surface containing anti-UV co-extruded layer, outdoor weathering is good, long-term use to maintain good optical performance and mechanical properties.

Fourth, the endurance plate light

PC stamina board light weight, is the same glass 1 / 12-1 / 15, safe not broken, easy handling, installation, can reduce the building's own weight, simplify the structural design, saving installation costs.

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