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PC stamina, PC sun panels can replace the traditional glass?

UpdateTime  2017-10-30 09:51:42 YUAN HONG XIANG PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY (FOSHAN) CO. LTD Read

PC Nai Liban, PC sun panels can replace traditional glass? I believe many people will ask this question. PC Nai Liban, the sun is a new type of building materials on the market, because of its unique performance can be used in more special areas, such as the replacement of some similar performance, but also to supplement the shortcomings of their products.

PC Nai Liban, PC sunshine board


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Glass is the building commonly used in building lighting materials, it can be said that the glass is our daily life and construction timber plays an irreplaceable role.

What things have two sides, such as glass to a certain extent, can resist the impact, but because of its fragility, so that the use of glass in the subject to a lot of restrictions.

However, PC sun panels, PC Nai Liban finally produced in people's needs. Its unique performance due to the recognition of the public. PC sun panels and glass, PC sun panels can be almost replaced, for example, PC superiority board superior lighting performance, PC Nai Liban can be long-term resistance to ultraviolet radiation, the effect is significant, and energy saving, transparent, insulation. Its transparency is almost the same as the glass, but also has the function of self-extinguishing fire, is the best fireproof material. Which in the same specifications, its weight is even lighter than the glass half.

Overall, PC Nai Liban, PC sun panels have all the characteristics of the glass, and PC Nai Liban also has its more excellent place.

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