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Analysis on the Causes of Leakage of PC Sunshine Plate and Endurance Plate

UpdateTime  2017-10-30 09:49:58 YUAN HONG XIANG PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY (FOSHAN) CO. LTD Read

PC sun panels, durable board in the extensive use of the project at the same time, there has been a very serious problem, the sun board, endurance board to do the general light leakage, and some are installed immediately after the discovery of leakage, some is half a year or a Two years after the leak. The reason for these problems is caused by the user's understanding of the characteristics of the sun panels and endurance boards, and the experience of using the glass roof.

Design reason

The physical properties of the sunboard and the stamina are very different from those of the glass and the stone, and the thermal expansion coefficient is about 7 times that of ordinary glass. Resulting in changes in the gap between the sun plate than ordinary glass or aluminum much larger. So if not calculated directly according to the experience of the glass roof of the sunshine board lighting design, it will be due to large changes in the joints caused by sunshine roof plastic cracks caused by leakage. Good design is plugging and hydrophobic two-phase match.

Installation reasons

Because of the sunboard, the density of the endurance board is the same as that of the glass, and the weight is only 1 / 12-1 / 15 of the glass. Therefore, it is easy to handle and install, which can reduce the weight of the building. However, Of the characteristics of the installation should take into account the wind load or other external forces caused by the plate deflection deformation, to avoid causing sealing seam deformation, cracking. Another purlin installation surface is not the same surface is not guaranteed to leak.

Sealant selection

Sealant quality is not good or improper selection is caused by PC sunshine board endurance board roof leakage of one of the main reasons, for which we recommend the use of a few good companies on the market neutral silicone weather sealant, please choose , To avoid a small loss.

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